A dance to remember

Staring down the barrel of a Glock, tension in the room had finally reached an all time high. Conversations had been frustrating throughout the evening, so it was not really a surprise that it had gotten to this point.

Josh keeping his usually icy demeanor responds “you better get that gun out of my face, escalation will not lead to the appropriate conclusion”

James laughs. “the appropriate conclusion would be me shooting you right now, actually that is a conclusion that would satisfy me very much

“Then you won’t get the keycode that ensures your payment! that’s the only reason we are having this meeting, correct?”

James lowers the gun

“yeah I thought so” Josh continued. “you see my client isn’t particularly thrilled by the way you treated his son; this is a business of cordiality and respect. if you can’t respect the heir to the throne then we can’t have business as usual”

You know respect is earned and not given right?

“Well this respect does not need to be earned. the name Barage commands it for whoever has it attached as a last name especially blood”

Yeah, yeah whatever! Where’s my money?

“Okay now we are talking in circles, and this is no longer entertaining and frankly it is becoming a real squander of my time. the terms are simple. you either apologize and take a 15% cut of the asking price or you don’t apologize, and you get nothing… and we go to war”

you say “war” like your boss is the man he used to be? funny actually because he apparently has to send you to deliver this message. Where is he exactly? Hiding? imma guess hiding

“Tread carefully James, reckless words cannot be retracted”

Reckless? Reckless? You’re the one that shows up to a meeting without backup

Bang! A loud ring followed by a pin drop silence

“You should have taken the money James. My boss is in the mood for war, sadly you’re not gonna be part of it “

First domino has been set off. what would the final effects be? We have to wait and see .

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