2019 so far.....

Today is April 17th 2019 so far has been interesting to say the least. Had a serious car accident on the 3rd of January that shook me but we gotta keep moving. Released my first single of the year "Tornado" a few days afterwards. Needless to say the budget for that had been depleted from car repairs but the reception so far has been tremendous. Shot the video for it and that should come out in a few days(could already be out by the time you read this lol). Performed at a few shows and I think I am getting better at my stage presence and just being comfortable in front of a crowd. Biggest show so far was the PlayLst. Show went spectacularly and i feel it was one of my best performances so far. Dropped another single recently with Eqube "Orbet" and that is also gaining great reviews. overall a very good year and I'm hoping for better to come. Talk again soon :)

Good Vibes at the Houston PlayLst Show

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